CombiGen for vets; DNA test packages for veterinary surgeons

CombiGen is a combination package for dogs, cats and horses that has recently been developed especially for vets. CombiGen offers the best possible combination of several DNA tests at a acceptable price, helping you, the vet, to predict what diseases and conditions an animal may develop as it grows older.

By finding this out at an early age, a vet can prescribe an appropriate treatment for his animal patients at a very early stage and ensure that they have regular check-ups if necessary, such as heart monitoring. Other animals could follow a carefully planned diet or may be prescribed swimming therapy to prevent stiff joints. A vet who is aware of blood clotting problems can also take appropriate measures during a surgical procedure. It is for the vets to decide how best to manage this information for their patients.

CombiGen can be conveniently ordered exclusively for vets through our local specialist distributors. The vets at our distributors are of course always available to discuss any veterinary issues.

Information about submitting samples 

Information about the performance of a DNA test 

Information about testresults and inheritance of DNA tests