Invitation to become part of the distributor network

Local laboratories in Europe are invited to become part of the distributor network of VHLGenetics®. This network provides access to a group of modern DNA/RNA service Laboratories and offers opportunities that may achieve economic feasibility and create rapid positive revenues. Three main segments are recognized as opportunities: Farm Animals, Accompanying Animals and Plants.

The concept is that the distributor takes care of local contacts in the local language, while submitting samples to central laboratories. This enables access to a one-stop-shop for genetic tests at attractive margins.

The strength points of these opportunities are:
1- High local demand of the products.
2- Availability of trained and experienced support.
3- Availability of sample collection materials and systems.
4- Adequate terms for agreement.
5- Fast return on investment.

You are kindly requested to contact us for more information:

VHLGenetics is a leading service provider with three business units: in The Netherlands Dr. Van Haeringen Laboratorium b.v. (VHL), in Germany Certagen GmbH and in Belgium Dr. Van Haeringen Polygen bvba (VHP). For over 25 years, DNA has been the core of the organization, serving customers with research and routine tests based on materials originating from animals, plants and micro-organisms. VHLGenetics continually improves the technology and instrumentation in its laboratories.

For an overview of tests: