Combination Packages

The DNA stores all genetic abnormalities, diseases and characteristics. De CombiGen laboratories work with highly sophisticated DNA techniques, which allows us to offer the CombiGen combination packages for dogs, cats and horses with a range of DNA tests at a competitive price. If you want to have two or more DNA tests carried out, you will generally find it better value to choose a combination package.

In early 2013, VHL and Holbigenetics NV embarked on a collaboration and together with Dr Frank Coopman (a specialist in veterinary genetics) they developed the CombiGen® combination packages. These packages have been designed for use with dogs, cats and horses. Vets and owners can use the CombiGen® packages to develop reliable tests for achieving long-term improvements in general animal health. 
A full set of DNA tests will effectively analyse certain characteristics or abnormalities of a breed. Carrying out tests that are not specific to a particular breed can also produce valuable information for the future.